cropped-0112.jpgWe are located in rural Berks County, just minutes from Reading, PA. between Mohnton and Gouglersville exits of Route 222. We specialize in Brown Eggs from our pasture-raised,  GMO-free chickens. The Eggs are available for purchase year-round from our farm store along with freshly made whoopie pies, canned goods, chicken, pork, beef, and produce.

We are now taking 2017 Fall CSA memberships. Please visit our CSA page for full details.

Farm store Hours:

Monday-Friday 9-6

Wednesdays 9-7

Saturday 9-5

Sunday 9-2



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  1. My wife and I love your eggs, and she signed up for a turkey. Nice article on the Berks County website. Thanks.

  2. The eggs and everything else that the farm has to offer are outstanding. I have never had farm fresh eggs before and after trying the free range chicken eggs I will never buy eggs from a grocery store again. The sweet corn is fabulous along will all the produce directly across the street from the egg house.

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