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For consumers convenience we raise the same double-breasted bird everyone is accustomed to; the Cornish Cross. Our birds may have the same genes as their commercially raised siblings, but are raised a very different way. We raise our chickens on fresh grass and a NON GMO grain diet. They are not given antibiotics or hormones of any kinds.  At 2 weeks of age they are put on fresh pasture and moved daily to enjoy a fresh supply of grass and bugs.

Our chicken is available for purchase through our  CSA program, and also at Bryn Mawr,  Dickinson, and West Reading Farmers Markets. If stopping by our roadside stand, we have fresh and frozen chicken available.  Please note that we are a working farm and our time is limited, so please call ahead if possible for large orders.

Since our chickens are raised on pasture, our butchering is limited to warmer months, May-November. We freeze chickens throughout the season to have enough for winter sales.

The cost is $3.75/pound for whole birds. $3.85/pound for halves of chicken. Breast $12.50/lb  Drums or Wings $3.50/LB., Thigh $6.50/LB, Whole legs $5.50/LB, Bones $2/LB, Hearts and Livers $3/LB, Feet $2/Lb.


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