What is a CSA?

A CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The basic idea of CSA farming is a cooperative relationship between the farmer and his customers. Based on an annual commitment to one another, community members provide a pre-season payment to purchase a “share” of the season’s harvest. The member then receives a weekly box of a wide variety of fresh vegetables (or fresh chicken) through the growing season, harvested at the peak of ripeness and flavor. You may print out our order form, and mail it in with your check, and a signed agreement, or pickup a form at the farm store. Credit card payment adds 3% to total.

Produce CSA            ________ 2019 CSA form                        

We are proud to be Certified Naturally Grown! We do not grow any Genetically-Modified (GMO) crops and follow organic  practices. We grow cover crops to protect and nourish the soil and also rotate crops to avoid depleting the soil.  All of our seeds are none- treated and organically sourced. We select varieties known for great flavor.

Our Produce CSA runs May 1st through November 27th.

Produce you may see in your share…

Spring- radishes, spring onions, zucchini, cucumbers, mint, beans, peas, asparagus, beets, lettuce, mixed greens, strawberries, and herbs.

Summer- peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, squash, beans, onions, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, sweet corn, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, herbs, mint, garlic, watermelons, cantaloupes.

Fall- Butternut/acorn squash, pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, kale, herbs, carrots, celery, celeriac, beans, potatoes, onions, micro greens.

Our CSA is market-style, meaning, you will pick out and bag your own items in the farm store. This will give you more options on choice, and you wont have to remember to return a crate or box each week. One of our staff members will be in the store to assist with pickup.  We will try to give crowd pleasing items like tomatoes, carrots, peppers, lettuce, and onions often and will not overwhelm you with new or odd items.

Example of “Hen” size shares… (Spring, Summer, Fall)…….

IMG_8144 IMG_9759 IMG_9874

An example spring share may look like: Spinach (8oz), 1 head Lettuce, Asparagus(1LB),  Kale (1/2LB), Radishes (1 bunch), pea shoots (2oz).

An example summer share may look like: Cherry tomatoes (1 pint), 1 head Lettuce, 1LB slicing tomatoes, 4 bell peppers, pint strawberries, and 3 large onions.

An example fall share may look like: Butternut, 1 quart apples, 1 bunch carrots, medium spaghetti squash, arugula(8oz), cauliflower-1 head.

NEW FOR 2019 we are only offering one size share. This allows you six items, vegetable or fruit! In addition to all the vegetables we grow, we also grow strawberries for May/June.  We also work with Weavers Orchard to offer peaches, plums, grapes, cherries, apples, pears and more!! If your family needs more then six items a week your welcome to purchase a second share, or purchase a farm store credit CSA to receive extra items at a discount!

PRODUCE/FRUIT CSA PICKUP IS NOW DURING ALL STORE HOURS! No more rushing to the farm on a Wednesday evening! (If you previously were a CSA Rooster share member and/or a fruit share member I would suggest two shares. We are not limiting the amount of fruit items you may take each week.  If an item is limited in quantity we will limit that item to one per member.)



Not able to make it to the farm store every week for pickup,  or going on vacation for 5 weeks, the farm store credit is for you!! Credit will be applied to your tab and will be available for use from April 1st through December 31st. All credits must be used by December 31st. Store credit is also available for our West Reading, Dickinson Square, and Bryn Mawr Farmers Market customers. This CSA is great for those that do not carry cash or may not need a weekly CSA box. It is also a great addition to your CSA share if you’d like to purchase additional items like: canned goods, cheese, milk, and meats not included in the CSA.

Last years pricing available through February 28th! With a $500 purchase you will receive $600 in store credit, with a $1000 purchase you will receive $1210 in store credit and with a $1500 purchase you will receive $1825 in store credit.

2019 store credit CSA pricing: With a $500 purchase you will receive $550 in store credit, with a $1000 purchase you will receive $1100 in store credit and with a $1500 purchase you will receive $1650 in store credit. Payments must be received by April 1st.

To order our CSA, you may do so by printing a 2019 CSA form and  mailing it to us with your agreement and payment. Or drop it off at our farm store or market locations.

Thanks for your support!!



10 thoughts on “CSA’s

  1. how do you purchase the CSA produce share? I’d like to purchase along with a chicken share and egg share. Just send you one check?

  2. I’m interested in the CSA, but was wondering… what if I can’t pick up my share between 3 and 6 on a Wednesday can I send someone else to pick it up for me?

  3. So can I just mail you a check for $1,000? Where should I mail it? Having a farm store credit is SO convenient. My daughter’s are able to use it too so they can run my errands for me and get some healthy, yummy stuff for themselves at the same time. It works great for my family. Thank you.

    • Hi Kari, we have our chicken for sale at our farm store and market locations. We also offer a bulk deal on the whole chickens. Your welcome to stop by our store or call 610-763-5372 for more info. Thanks!

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